12 March 2015

VA Now Reporting C-123 Agent Orange Press Announcement Delayed Past Next Week - date uncertain

More news...all confusing!

After telling Senator Brown of Ohio, and the rest of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee and veterans nationwide that VA would announce its C-123 Agent Orange program by last week, only to learn it was postponed to this week, with word yesterday it had been rescheduled to next week...we have just learned (at 2:51 PM MST) that faxes from VA public affairs have been sent out canceling that announcement also and now no date is even suggested.

What the heck is going on? The C-123 veterans are only a little blip on the VA's big radar screen, not significant by ourselves other than the moral weight of the Secretary's decision. To us as the veterans who want to be VA patients, even another week kept outside VA hospital doors is a painful week.

Delays might be caused by budget conflicts, travel schedules or other reasons, but it is hard to imagine a response given a senator being so casually ignored in its fulfilment. Is the cause something more sinister? 

Did the Blue Water Navy case being dismissed have anything to do here, or maybe the introduction of the Agent Orange Equity Act? 

We're the principal stakeholders, with our health and well-being at risk, yet we've heard nothing from our phone and email inquiries. The media has heard only delay after rescheduled delay, and our legislators say they know nothing.

What the heck is going on?

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