04 March 2014

Bait & Switch – VA Teaser on C-123 Agent Orange Claims?

Maybe VA leaders believe they've found a way to help us by the IOM referral. No! Many thanks, but this works against us!
As we've detailed for years, the C-123 veterans are legally qualified for Agent Orange benefits upon proof of their exposure, but VA has created barriers to that proof...most notably, by redefining the very word "exposure." Also, by refusing all evidence supporting the veterans' exposure claims from other federal agencies, universities, physicians, etc.

Here is what feels like a bait and switch part of what VA does to look veteran-friendly. Right on their web pages VA describes categories of veterans and includes C-123 vets, yet regional offices deny claims stating "regulations do not permit recognizing C-123 exposure claims" and "a thorough search of available records fails to substantiate your claims of exposure" and also in what passes for VA humor, the famous "TCDD is harmless" from Compensation and Pension Service 

Below is a screenshot from their web page, listing C-123 vets as eligible with proof of exposure, yet VA insists no exposure was possible. Science disagrees with VA. It is an interesting teaser, but outrageous to list C-123 vets as eligible but provide links to VA pages denying that eligibility. 

Actually, this part of the VA page is correct, but the pages which deny C-123 veterans' exposure claims are in error.

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