07 March 2014

C-123 Contamination - Hill AFB Deception

Below is one of the source documents about DOD C-123 deception..the actual request to withdraw the C-123s from any recycling and this memo was followed by message traffic approving "the quiet way, the Navy way" for shredding and smelting. Now, AF, DOD and VA all deny that the C-123s remained contaminated after Vietnam. The deception is that the C-123s were "the Agent Orange airplanes" until the first veteran's claim. Then, all the exposure hazards and contamination seem to have been dismissed...magic? Or policy? Or deception? The AF suggests the C-123s were safe between 1972-1982 so crews weren't exposed, but after decades of surplus storage in the desert had to be destroyed "because of Agent Orange contamination during the Vietnam War," as this memo states.

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