18 March 2014

C-123 Veterans Present at Society of Toxicology Conference, Phoenix

We're going to set the record straight. 
In 2012, the VA's Post Development Health unit presented a misleading poster at the Society of Toxicology conference, titled "Agent Orange, 50 Years History." In this poster they inserted a unique redefinition of "exposure" which added a requirement of bioavailability to complete...no bioavailability equals no exposure, according to the VA, and thus our denied disability claims!

This is unscientific and unique to the VA...no other agency or professional organization has such an unusual definition, and it has been called both "unscientific" and "ludicrous" by other experts.

Why did VA do this? By redefining exposure, VA attempts to deny the on-board exposures of C-123 veterans. Decades after our exposures, bioavailability is virtually impossible to prove and the VA even prohibits such testing. This linguistic maneuver was solely to prevent C-123 veterans' Agent Orange exposure claims, and it has been used since then with VA insisting no exposure was possible aboard the aircraft.

We're challenging VA on this, presenting our poster addressing VA science and ethics, and we are sponsored by Dr. Linda Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (Click for coverage from The Arizona Republic, published 5 Apr 2014)

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