02 March 2014

Comments? From Staff of Post Deployment Health or Compensation and Pension?

You know what's wrong...set it right!
You VA staffers doing the grunt work...you see what's going on. You sat around the table when we had our meetings and heard the positions from us and from the VA. You've seen the in-house communications at the attitude VA has about these veterans. You've seen the orders to deny C-123 claims with boilerplate language provided by C&P.

You know how that contrasts with assurances by both General Hickey and the Secretary to the Senate, that no such blanket policy exists. But it does...you've seen it.

You've read our veterans' posts and seen our various supporting materials. And you've seen what the VA has done to obstruct the process. You know the behind-the-scenes maneuvers to prevent our veterans from recognition of their service-connected exposures.

Can we ask for your insights about this mess? Our men and women aircrews and maintenance personnel are still denied all VA benefits, the VA hospital doors closed to them unless other injuries or illnesses have made us eligible.

No dental. No vision. No prosthetics. No rehab. No pharmacy. No primary care. No clinics. No
 Bring back Honor to VA
counseling. No pension. No survivor benefits. Years of these needs being denied for, what seem to us, to be invalid barriers.

We were exposed. You've seen the proofs, especially those from other federal agencies. Imagine Compensation and Pension refusing input from the NIH and the CDC. Imagine Post Deployment Health already deciding that, regardless of any proofs which were presented in the past or would surface in the future, that no C-123 claims were to be permitted.

Consider that against Secretary Shinski's assurance to the veterans' legislators that there was no such blanket policy against C-123 claims. Consider the VA's denial of the veterans' FOIAs with assurances that no such materials exist.

Clearly, the Boss doesn't have the full details of what's done in Post Deployment Health or Compensation and Pension.

But you do. Inform the VA's own General Counsel. Contact the VA IG Hotline. Or call Congress today. Or contact the VA National Center for Ethics in Health Care.

Do what's right by the veterans. Do what's right by your own sense of Honor.

Serving veterans...that's Job One at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Somebody has to do it. Drop a dime.

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