25 March 2014

VA – Do Something Right Here!

No question now in law. (Yale Law)

No question now in science. (NIESH, ATSDR, US Public Health Service, scientists & physicians)

No question now in ethics. (Consult your own National Center for Ethics in Healthcare)

Eventually, some Pulitzer-destined reporter is going to ask, "and how many claim-by-claim awards have been permitted? as a follow-up to the pre-programmed VA public affairs blurb. Eventually that reporter will note that C-123 veterans like Dick Matte are being denied life-saving VA medical care on the personal whims of VA lawyers and at the direction of a few VA personnel in Post Deployment Health. Their agenda is personal, and targeted at us veterans.

The Lord Jehovah did not publish a rule change in the Federal Register directing Post Deployment Health to redefine exposure for the worlds of science and medicine, and empowering Post Deployment Health to campaign agains the medical needs of fully eligible veterans. At least, we didn't see the announcement, so probably the world continues to function under the rule of law.

VA's last assurances to Congress that veterans exposed to military herbicides outside Vietnam, as published in the Federal Register of 31 August 2010, still applies. Thank goodness the VA took special pains, as they wrote, "to make it clear!"

Science still defines exposure the regular way, not the VA way. And medicine is still denied C-123 veterans who flew the contaminated C-123 aircraft for a decade. Post Deployment Health has a vital role to play in meeting the needs of all America's veterans, and must do so for all of us from an unusable platform of science, law and ethics.

They should begin shoring up their platform on all three of these supports because each is limp. Personal views of those folks, and their determination that no C-123 veterans will be considered exposed, are wrong.

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