08 March 2014

Recent C-123 IOM Study Project: Views of Others

From others in Federal Government, commenting on the C-123 study project VA issued to the IOM
last month:
"It is important to note that the Federal Government possesses organic scientific resources and expertise that has already concluded these aircraft likely posed a health hazard and the aircrew were likely exposed to dioxin. The introduction and arguable necessity of a non-governmental body to opine to the Federal Government on this topic should raise some questions, if not only because it involves additional time and cost to the taxpayer to execute a contract for a purpose which may be unnecessary and unjustified given the scientific facts already known and the Federal statute already in force."

Already having issued findings supporting C-123 exposure claims are the CDC/ATSDR, NIH/NIESH, US Public Health Service, and numerous physicians and scientists outside the government.

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